Davis Dean Cellars: Located in Rocklin, CA within Placer County
From Grape to Glass, an ordinary family making extraordinary wines

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From Grape to Glass:

Davis Dean Cellars is an award winning family-owned boutique winery located in Rocklin, CA. We are in the Placer County region of the Sierra Foothills. We have recently re-shaped our business model and have done away with the traditional brick and mortar physical location for tasting to concentrate on our club and the members of our club. Davis Dean Cellars is truly committed to our club members and our community in this wine business endeavor. Every harvest, crush, press and bottling event includes the love and support of all our family. Our family run winery, has a commitment to remain in the community that has supported us from the very beginning. We don’t ever plan on changing that model.

Brand Recognition:

Our wines have been highlighted in several restaurants and stores, but our passion for wine making is not about producing bulk wines. We don’t plan on getting lost in the wine isle of large super markets or wholesale membership stores. It’s about putting our heart and soul into every bottle produced to create award winning wines. From grape to glass, Davis Dean Cellars is truly an ordinary family making extraordinary wine.

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More about our wine trail and other local wineries: http://www.placerwine.com